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Welcome to the Future of Crypto Trading

Zodiac is part of the next generation of cryptocurrency exchanges, providing professional level service while ensuring that our interfaces have a minimal learning curve. Both professional and novice traders are comfortable using Zodiac to manage their digital asset portfolios.

Setting Standards

Zodiac meets and beats industry best practice guidelines for security, regulation and quality of service provided to our customers. We ensure that our traders are able to enjoy a safe trading environment while still providing industry leading order fulfillment speed. Zodiac traders never have to miss a trade or an opportunity.

Customer Focused

At Zodiac, we understand the potential each customer brings. That is why we provide award winning tools, personal guidance, educational resources and industry-leading service. Zodiac provides our customers with discounted trading rates so you can manage your digital assets how you want to manage them.

Mission & Vision

Zodiac is committed to becoming a driving force in the blockchain revolution. We believe that your money shouldn’t have any borders.

Zodiac facilitates the free movement of digital assets between exchanges around the world, ensuring that Zodiac customers can control their portfolios from anywhere.

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Find the digital assets that you're looking for

Zodiac provides your favorite types of digital assets to be traded on, with new assets being added frequently.

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Advanced Security Protocols

Zodiac ensures that your data is safe and secure using the highest industry standards and practices.

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Instant Trade Execution

Orders are filled instantly so you never have to miss an opportunity.

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Fast Account Verification

Your Zodiac account is verified in hours. Get started trading cryptocurrencies faster.

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Customer Support

Have a question? Zodiac’s customer support agents are standing by and ready to help you when you need it!

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