Transparency is clarity
On the Zodiac exchange, market participants will be charged a small fee for each cryptocurrency transaction, which will be calculated based on market position (maker/taker).
Your Contribution Counts
We want our traders to share in the success of our growing ecosystem. So, we will be rewarding your contribution, based on the amount of ZDC, the token powering the Zodiac exchange, that you hold in your exchange wallet over a given time frame. The more ZDC tokens that you hold, the lower the transaction fees that you pay, ensuring that our high-contributing traders enjoy exceptionally attractive trading terms.
Benefit from discounted transaction fees for purchasing ZDC tokens:
Account Level 30 Day Trading Volume (BTC) ZDC Purchased Maker/Taker Fee (%)
General - 0.25%
VIP 1 100K ZDC 0.2%
VIP 2 500k ZDC 0.15%
VIP 3 100 800K ZDC 0.1%
VIP 4 500 2M ZDC 0.08%
Withdrawal Fees
The exchange does not charge a deposit fee. However there is a withdrawal fee, which is equivalent to 0.0005 BTC in the withdrawal token.